Is an Online Ministry the next, right move for you?



Here's what you'll discover inside the Online Ministry Guide...

  • How to know if an Online Ministry is the next, best move for you (page 5).
  • The 10 questions you should seriously consider asking yourself (page 8).
  • The Top 3 mistakes people make when getting started (page 11).
  • Your BIGGEST return on investment (page 14).
  • How you should be using social media for the "long game" (page 18).
  • Simple ways to grow your social media pages (page 21).
  • How to create content that grabs people's attention online (page 24).
  • The honorable way to earn a living from your online ministry (page 37).
  • How to position yourself as an influencer and expert in the online space and flow in your anointing (page 40).
  • Getting strategic and focused, so you can get back to the vision and heart of the message and ministry for the people you're called to serve (page 43).

Is there a message brewing in your belly or a ministry you know in your knowa that the Lord’s calling you to build in the online space?

Are you ready to have the kind of Kingdom Influence that reaches the masses and places where your feet may never tread?

Then download my FREE Guide called The Kingdom Influencers' Online Ministry Guide.

In it, you will learn my top strategies for expanding your audience reach, growing an online following, and maintaining a thriving ministry platform.

This is literally my all-things-online-ministry "brain-splosion" on paper. It's everything I've learned from my own experiences in growing an online ministry platform, where the Lord has graciously allowed me to reach over 1 million women a month.

I’ve walked where you’re currently walking and I know the guts and grit it takes to grow an online ministry platform from literally from your bare hands, a woman in ministry. 

If you’ve ever wanted to pick my brain, then this Kingdom Influencers' Online Ministry Guide is it! 

I’m sharing my brain (and heart) with you, so you can become a Kingdom Influencer who glorifies the Lord, spreads the Gospel, and points people to Christ.


A Note From Angelica...

"Your anointing and calling are bigger than the four walls of the church. Just imagine how the Apostles would've stewarded the online space for the sake of the Gospel. Let's use it for His Glory!" ~Angelica Duncan

For over a decade, I’ve worked in blogging, online marketing, and particularly with social media. Most recently, I’ve been working closely with Online Ministry Leaders to help them harness the power of Facebook and Instagram to grow their audience, their email list, and their influence.

While in the trenches helping them grow their ministry platforms, I’ve discovered the secret sauce to what makes certain Pages thrive and feel like home, and others feel like a cold, wet basement.

(And I'm guessing you want yours to feel like the former and not the latter, right?)

The biggest difference between them and those who have pages that feel like a cold, wet basement and are very uninviting, is that the Online Ministry Leaders who have created communities that feel like home have chosen lean all the way into creating a community that supports their calling and allows them to flow in their anointing.

And this is where they are able to position themselves as a Kingdom Influencer.

Bottom Line: They take their assignment seriously.

They wake up and do the work every. single. day. because they know that eternity is on the line for the people they're called to serve.

Ready to grow an online ministry platform that glorifies the Lord, spreads the Gospel, and points people to Christ?

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