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The most coveted members-only coaching experience for building, growing, and sustaining a platform for your online ministry.

Kingdom Influencers’ Inner Circle is the only coaching program of its kind for women in ministry and faith bloggers designed to not only help you build a spirit-filled and sustainable online ministry for the sake of the Gospel (and not just to "go viral") -- but to show you how to position yourself financially and steward your resources responsibly so you can step into ministry full-time, all while having a lasting impact as a Kingdom Influencer.

I'm Joining The Waitlist!

Kingdom Influencers' Inner Circle takes you from "I have no idea where to even begin" to "courageous ministry leader who's using the online space to glorify the Lord, spread the Gospel, and point people to Christ."

I'll show you exactly how to leverage Facebook and Instagram to the advantage of the Gospel and connect deeply with your community via email -- so you can grow an online ministry platform that makes you famous in Heaven.

This is the place for you to learn how to use social media to get your message of hope out into the world and serve a greater missional purpose by following the Great Commission.

Quickly learn how to grow your online ministry platform and step into the fullness of all God's calling you to do in the earth.

When I open the doors for the Kingdom Influencers' Inner Circle,  you'll be the first to know!

The KIIC waitlist is the digital version of the Dove Awards red carpet event. Get ready to be treated like Kingdom Royalty! You’ll receive email alerts for exclusive bonus offers and be notified before everyone else when the doors open so you can get in ahead of the crowd.

Kingdom. Ministry. Influence.